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A truly unique gift

Kiss prints are as individual as fingerprints. Perfect for weddings, birthdays or expressing your colorful character.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If your Kiss Print isn't everything you imagined, we'll give you your money back. See our Kiss Guarantee.

Ordering a Kiss Print

Sending us your kiss print.

When you order your Kiss Print, we send you a complete kiss collector kit. The kit includes lipstick, instructions and special Kiss Print sheets for your kiss imprint.

There are numerous sheets so you can try different kisses and select the perfect one for your artwork.

Kiss Print Options

Colors: Any color you want. Match your home decor or choose dramatic accent colors. Preview your selection in our custom color picker here: Build My Kiss.

Designs: A single kiss, a close-up Kiss or a 4-kiss Pop Art style. You can even put two people's kiss prints together. See the choices here: Build My Kiss.

Sizes: Available sizes are 14" x 14" or 20" x 20" Kiss Prints.

Signing the canvas

Add your signature to your Kiss Print. Signature is printed in the same color as the kiss.


Prices depend on the size and options selected. Pricing starts at $69. for a 14" x 14" unframed canvas. See the options here: Build My Kiss.

The Kiss Print Canvas

The Canvas: We use a high quality cotton/polyester blend archival canvas. To further protect your art we coat the canvas with a UV protective satin sealant. Clean, if necessary with water-dampened cloth only.

The Giclee Process: A Giclee (zhee-CLAY) print is a machine made reproduction using the latest ink jet technology. Minuscule droplets of vibrantly colored inks are sprayed on an artists canvas giving a smooth accurate reproduction of the original art. The Giclee is rapidly becoming the new standard of quality reproduction for museums, galleries and artists.


Your choice. We can send your Kiss Print gallery-wrapped around a stretcher bar frame or rolled for later framing. The gallery wrap staples the canvas on the back of the frame and provides a sleek finished look. The colored background continues on all the sides. Picture wire is attached and your Kiss Print is ready to hang.

The rolled canvas is printed with an additional 1.5" of background color and .75" white border for easy framing.


Where: Right now, we ship only in the U.S. Please check back later.

Shipping Time: We ship the Kiss Collection Kit in 4- 7 days. Shipment takes 2-3 days. Shipment of Kiss Print Canvas is 3-4 weeks from our receipt of your kiss print. All shipping is through USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping Cost: Shipping for any size rolled canvas is $11.00. This includes shipping for both the collection kit and the Kiss Print canvas.

Shipping for a framed 14" x 14" canvas and collection kit is $15.50 For a 20" x 20" framed canvas the shipping is $36.00. (shipping to OR and WA is less)

Sales Tax

We're in Oregon. No sales tax anywhere.

Gift Orders

Gift Canvases: We can ship finished canvases to a different person/address if you won't be presenting the gift yourself. Add the shipping address for the canvas in the 'Comments' section of the order form during checkout. There is a space available in the order process for a Gift Message. The Gift Message will be printed on the outside packing label.

Gift Kits: Select any one-person or two-person Kiss, the canvas size and finishing options for your gift. Choose the gift option in the color picker. The Kiss Print Kit will contain information on how your gift recipient can pick their own colors. They will also be able to select the close up or standard version kiss.

If you are not able to present the gift yourself, we can ship the kit to the recipient. There is a space available on the order form for a Gift Message. The Gift Message will be printed on the outside packing label.

Discounts for Multiple Kiss Prints

Additional canvas of the same kiss: Receive 25% off. Different colors OK.

Additional canvas of a different kiss: Receive 10% off any canvas of the same or smaller size.