Koko's     Paint By Number Kit


Grisaille paintings
Some of our Customers' Paintings
Here’s my painting. It was VERY fun to do and I
get compliments on it all the time!!-Bryn M.
This is one of my best paintings, it is my wife
Paula done on the 18X24 canvas.  It
compares nicely with the photo except you
recommended a lite background instead of
nearly black.  I took your advice and love the
result.  I always try to add more details to the
eyes and lips.  I am especially proud of the
jewelery, they look almost like a photo.  Ah,
but if I wanted it to look like a photo why
paint it?  Because it is painted and  hangs in
our livingroom. You have my permission to
use it on your web site.  If you can credit me
I would appreciate it.  This was the largest
painting I have done and the most detailed.  
Notice the threads on the blouse. This was
about my third painting.  Thank you!  Doug J
This painting was done by my friend Carla
The photo we submitted did not have a lot of
contrast, but I think it came out great and Carla is
very proud of the painting.
- Gwen
My name is John B., this is a painting
of Francis.....
I had so much fun painting this.  I just wish my other
grandkids would come up with a memorable foto for
me to paint!!!
Carol E.
This is my cat Romeo.  ... was easy and fun and I
love the way it turned out.

Jamie V.
by Beverly G.
By Robert T.
"I purchased a kit last fall for my
husband.  It’s a picture of our dog
who had recently passed away.
David finally got around to
painting it.  He loved doing it
and it turned out terrific!  I
thought I should thank you for
your detailed instructions that
allowed him to achieve a most
satisfying outcome."

Thank you!
Juliette D.
Party Kits
The coyote is hanging in my breakfast room in
amongst 5 professionally painted chickens… eating
I finally get to enjoy the process of painting, even if I
have never learned how to draw!
Again, thank you and your company for giving us
frustrated artists an avenue to learn!

Lynne D.
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